Sony BVM-1454D Monitor
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Sony BVM-1454D Monitor

One of the best 14" monitors available out there!

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Please note: Due to the high weight of the monitor, shipping is only possible within Germany and to some areas of Europe.

The Sony BVM-1454D is a professional (broadcast) monitor and was widely used in broadcast facilities and TV stations.

It features Composite, SVHS, RGB, YUV and SDI video inputs.
Thanks to an 800 lines-tube, the picture quality (especially with RGB) is totally awesome!

With a 14" image size, it's perfectly suited to be used in a small gaming room (on a desk).
Please note: As they're professional monitors, they don't have a SCART input, only BNC. Adaptors are available though, and you can also build your own cable.

The monitors we're offering are pre-owned. Technically, they're fine. We tested the image quality and made sure the convergence and everything else is correct. There's no burnt-in picture and no scratch on the video tube.

Of course, as they've pre-owned, there WILL be scratches and dirt on the device itself, but nothing that decreases the image quality.
And we're even giving you a 1-year warranty on the functionality of the monitor!

The features:

* 14-inch colour video monitor
* Aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:9 switchable
* EBU phosphors ensure consistent colour reproduction
* HR Trinitron with 800 TV lines resolution at centre
* Stable colour temperature reproduction due to beam current feedback
* SDI input 
* Analogue component (Y, R-Y, B-Y or RGB), Y/C and composite video inputs
* On-screen menu in five languages for set-up
* Colour temperature D65/D93/User preset
* Mass: 17.7 kg (39 lb)
* Power Consumption: 99 W
* Dimensions: 346 (W) x 340 (H) x 431.5 (D) mm (13.625 x 13.5 x 17 inches)
* Technically checked and working
* 1 year warranty from us!

You can also download the instructions manual for the BVM-14M4E (which is basically the same monitor, without SDI input) here on the product page.

By on  22 March 2018 (Sony BVM-1454D Monitor) :

Wow this monitor

The picture quality is awesome, it displays the best scanlines ever. One of the best monitors for retrogaming.

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