Sony BVM-20F1E Monitor with Remote Control

A 20" Sony Class 1 Reference monitor, with remote control panel. 

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Please note: Due to the high weight of the monitor, shipping is only possible within Germany and to some areas of Europe. You can also directly pick it up in Ingolstadt, if you like.

The Sony BVM-20F1E is a professional (broadcast) monitor and was widely used in broadcast facilities and TV stations.

It features Composite, SVHS, RGB, YUV and SDI video inputs.
Thanks to an 900 lines-tube, the picture quality (especially with RGB) is totally awesome!

The monitor is being setup and controlled with the included Remote Control Panel.
It might not be easy to setup at first, but if you've got any questions, we'll help you.

EVERYTHING (convergence, geometry, etc.) can be setup directly in the monitor software, there's no need to open it and do hardware adjustments.

And once you know how the menu structure works, it's not hard anymore.

Please note: As they're professional monitors, they don't have a SCART input, only BNC. Adaptors are available though, and you can also build your own cable.

The monitors we're offering are pre-owned. Technically, they're fine. We tested the image quality and made sure the convergence and everything else is correct. There's no burnt-in picture and no scratch on the video tube.

Of course, as they've pre-owned, there WILL be scratches and dirt on the device itself, but nothing that decreases the image quality.
And we're even giving you a 1-year warranty on the functionality of the monitor!

The features:

* 20-inch colour video monitor
* Aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:9 switchable
* EBU phosphors ensure consistent colour reproduction
* Super fine pitch Trinitron with 900 TV lines resolution at centre
* Stable colour temperature reproduction due to beam current feedback
* SDI input 
* Analogue component (Y, R-Y, B-Y or RGB), Y/C and composite video inputs
* On-screen menu in five languages for set-up
* Colour temperature D65/D93/User preset
* Mass: 37 kg
* Power Consumption: 200 W
* Dimensions: 444 × 414 × 570 mm
* Technically checked and working
* 1 year warranty from us!

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