GPD Win 2 (Windows 10)

The GPD Win 2 is a fast miniature PC that fits your pocket.

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The big brother of the GPD Win - of higher quality and with a lot more horsepower!

The GPD Win 2 uses a seventh generation Intel® Kaby Lake Core™ m3-7Y30 processor, which has about the same performance as the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K. Thanks to this and the more recent Intel HD 3D processor, games run approx. 2.2 times faster than on the GPD Win 1.

It supports quick charging via PD 2.0 Fast Charge (which means you can charge it within 45 minutes).
The keyboard has been vastly improved (mostly because of the layout) compared to the GPD Win 1.

It's a bit bigger than the GPD Win 1 (with a 6" screen size), so it's not as pocketable as before, but still okay for a mobile device.

The processing power is impressive - and it is even able to emulate some PS2 games fullspeed without stuttering as well as some more modern games like GTAV in a playable speed.

However, high processing power also means it needs quite a bit of cooling - and the fan can be quite loud (it is louder than the GPD Win 1).
That's the biggest downside in my opinion, but seeing what it can do, it's totally understandable this can't be changed.

Technical Details:

* 6" 1280x720 Touchscreen (178° viewing angle)
* 128GB S-ATA3 SSD (replaceable, M2 Socket 2)
* CPU: Intel Core m3-7y30 with up to 2,6GHz (Passmark: 3574@1GHz)
* GPU: Intel HD Grafik 615
* QWERTY-keyboard (Domecaps)
* Wifi: 2,4GHz and 5GHz
* Bluetooth 4.2
* Battery: 2*4900mAh, about 6 - 8 hours battery time
* Gaming Controls: DPAD, ABXY-Buttons, two analog sticks (non-clickable), six shoulder buttons
* Connectors: 1x USB-A 3.0, 1x USB-C 3.0 (charging port), 1x MicroHDMI 

Questions and answers

F: Can I install my own operating system?
Yes. The GPD Win 2 is - like the GPD Win 1 - not locked down. Of course we can't give any warranty that all OS will run without issues. Windows versions before 10 are not supported - and we'll have to wait and see how well which Linux distribution runs!

F: From where will you ship the GPD Win 2? Will I have issues with customs, additional costs, etc.?
A: All items we're selling are located directly in our warehouse in Germany. The GPD Win 2 is no exception. So if you're living within the EU, there will be no further costs or customs. If you're living outside of the EU, you may have to pay import tax - but that's different for each country

F: What will I do if my GPD Win 2 is defective within the warranty period?
A: In case the GPD Win 2 has any defect, we'll replace it right away! We'll also cover the shipping costs - worldwide!

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    By (Rambouillet, France) on  06 Aug. 2018 (GPD Win 2 (Windows 10)) :

    Amazing device, amazing seller

    Pros :
    The console itself is as much of a bliss to interact with as the seller.
    The overall quality has really been improved compared to the GPD Win 1 (hence the higher price), and once you have it in your hands, it feels like a solid device with very nice feeling buttons/joystick/keyboard.
    Performance-wise, this little guy is pretty impressive considering its size, with its SSD, 8Gb of RAM and last generation Intel HD615, you have a very large game library on the go at your disposal.
    Full fleshed Windows 10 and x86-64 architecture with full OpenGL 4.4 and Shaders 5.0 support (I sometime use it to work on my OpenGL projects while in transports).

    Cons :
    It's a bit heavy for a portable console with its 500g, but as long as you don't have noodle arms it should be OK.
    It can tend to heat up a little bit, but everything stays under control with its improved cooling system, I've yet to witness overheating, even in a very hot summer.
    There is no LED power indicator, so no way to know if it's ON without opening the lid.
    The bottom "feet" are too shallow, meaning that if you put the console down while using it, the vent gets obstructed.

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    By (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on  27 July 2018 (GPD Win 2 (Windows 10)) :


    great device

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