Sega Arcade Gamer Portable (MasterSystem / GameGear)

A portable Sega MasterSystem / GameGear Console with 30 games built-in

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System Atari Flashback
System Type Handheld

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We do know quite a few AtGames-products are really crappy- but this handheld is not part of them.

It's not the best quality out there, but it's doing what it should, is very playable (thanks to a decent DPad and buttons) and has 30 games built-in (including a lot of great classics).

Thanks to a 3,5mm connector, you can easily connect it to a TV.

It uses three standard AAA batteries for power.

It's also perfectly suited for kids: It's robust and has proper games preinstalled.

This is the list of the included preinstalled games:

Alex Kidd in High Tech World
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Alex Kidd : The Lost Stars
Assault City
Astro Warrior
Aztec Adventure
Baku Baku Animal
Bomber Raid
Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Dragon Crystal
Ecco : The Tides of Times
Fantasy Zone
Fantasy Zone II
Gain Ground
Global Defense
Golden Axe
Kung Fu Kid
Penguin Land
Putt and Putter
Ristar the Shooting Star
Snail Maze
Sonic Drift 2
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Spinball
Sonic Triple Trouble
Super Column
Tails Adventure
The Ninja

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    By (Piastów, Poland) on  08 May 2018 (Sega Arcade Gamer Portable (MasterSystem / GameGear)) :

    Surprisingly good AtGames handheld

    I admit that I generally like handhelds from AtGames, since they're providing relatively good controllers and very nice screen. The only downside is usually the sound... which fortunately is not the case for this little device.

    First of all - it contains games from both Game Gear and Master System (which technically were quite similar), which is quite nice idea, since similar devices (both stationary and mobile) are usually focused on Mega Drive titles. And the choice is indeed very good - there are both less known but still very fun games, such as The Ninja, as well as those which were a bit more popular, like 8bit version of Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine or Alex Kidd series. My only complain here is that we've got here some unfinished series. For example we've got Sonic Chaos and Sonic Triple Trouble, but where is 8bit version of Sonic 1 and 2? Why only second part of Sonic Drift?

    Screen is really nice and well lighted, no problems with playing at all. Fortunately, in this particular case we don't have issues with sound as well - sadly I can't compare it directly with original Game Gear (or Master System), but comparing it with sound on PC emulators, I can tell, that it's very close, so no complaints here as well.

    I was initially very sceptical about controller (especially weird d-pad), but it turns out that it was better than controllers in most MD handhelds (really nice surprise!). Of course it's not something very fancy, but it still does it work well. I'm guessing that people with big hands will complain a bit here, because unit is generally quite small (definitelly smaller than MD handhelds).

    Sadly, this unit doesn't have slot for SD card nor for original Game Gear carts, so we're limited to 30 games we're receiving with it. It's a shame, but on the other hand - in my opinon it's much better way to (legally) have some contact with 8bit Sega games in mobile device than playing on used, bulky Game Gear.

    One important note - there are no extra features (such as save game or some settings of emulation), it's just playing games. Sadly, multiplayer features are turned off, there is no way to connect two units to have some multiplayer fun (on the other hand - amount of games with MP is rather small).

    Looking for the fact, that it's cheaper than usual MD handhelds, I can totally recommend this unit. It serves its purpose well and giving a lot of fun.

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