Colecovision USB Power Plug (will be released Summer 2018)

Use a standard Micro-USB AC Adaptor with your Colecovision.

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for brand CBS
System Colecovision
System Type Console
Custom Part Power Supply

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Note: The video shown is from a prototype with a 3D-Printed case. The released version will have professional cases.
The price is not yet fixed either but should be around that value.

The Colecovision was one of the best early consoles. It has tons of awesome games - and even these days, new ones are being released regularly!

However, a lot of the consoles do not work anymore.
Or, let us be a bit more precise: The power supply doesn't work anymore. As that is one of the most often reasons for a non-working Colecovision!

As the power supply is anything but standard, it's nigh impossible getting a replacement.

This is something we want to change!
That's why we developed this small USB plug.

With this you can use your Colecovision with a standard USB connector. Plug and Play!

We hope to resurrect a lot of Colecovisions with that!

The development is finished, we are now setting up the mass production!

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