Hermes (Dreamcast) - incl. Comic

A cool Jump'n'Run game for the Dreamcast by Retroguru!

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for brand Sega
System Dreamcast
System Type Console
Game Format CD-Rom
Game Category Retro-Systems
Game Type Platformer

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Our hero, known to his friends as Hermes, lives in France, the country of love which is also known for its exquisite cuisine. One day Hermes had an appetite for grilled chicken. Certainly a man's man like Hermes, wouldn't go to the supermarket for frozen chicken. No! He's going to slaughter his own farm-raised free range chicken, but this chicken has a mind of his own. This is where our story starts...

Chase the escaped chicken to catch it and prepare yourself an unforgettable barbecue-grilled chicken.

Yummy! But hell, that chicken sure runs fast!

Hermes Features

* Hand set pixels!
* Amiga chiptunes!
* Score tracking!
* 32 levels!
* Hidden warp zones!
* Boss fight!
* Pressed Picture-Disc in a sealed Jewelcase with transparent Tray!
* Bonus: Complete soundtrack on the disc, plays in a normal CD Player.
* Bonus: Exclusive Hermes-Comic by Joe Askey!
* Bonus: The disc includes many different ports
   (for Amiga OS4, Wii, GameCube, Playstation Portable and a lot more).

Many of the ports included on the disc are NOT yet available on the homepage and are exclusive on this disc at the moment.

The game is region code free and should run on all Dreamcasts without any modification needed.
However, it might not play on all NTSC-J Dreamcasts produced after the year 2000.

More information about the game can be found on the official website:

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    By (CABRA, Spain) on  17 Jan. 2018 (Hermes (Dreamcast) - incl. Comic) :

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