GameBoy Color LCD-Mod incl. Glass Cover and USB Mod (McWill)
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GameBoy Color LCD-Mod incl. Glass Cover and USB Mod (McWill)

Replaces the display of the GameBoy Color with a brandnew backlit one.

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The GameBoy Color is a cool handheld - but of course, the LCD isn't up to modern standards anymore.

That can now be fixed!
McWill did it again: After the awesome upgrade kits for the GameGear and both Lynx consoles, we're now happy to offer an upgrade for the GameBoy Color, which looks totalls stunning!

You can even add an optional VGA connector so you can connect the GameBoy Color to a big screen (though this means a heavy case modification)

You can either do the modification yourself (read the instructions manual which you can download below) or let us do the modification for you.

If you want us to do the modification for you, head here.

Included with this modification kit:

* LCD incl. the PCB, fully tested
* USB-LiPo-Mod-Board which can be used to replace the power jack with a Mini-USB port and even enables you to charge 14500-sized batteries directly inside the GBC (that's optional)
* New glass screen cover with the perfect size for the screen mod
* Instructions for the modification

If you want to do the modification yourself,  you need screwdrivers to open the device and mod the case. Soldering is only required when you want to add the VGA port or the Mini-USB Mod.

BE AWARE that we cannot give you any warranty or take back a kit in case you damaged it or your GameBoy Color during the modification. The kits have ALL been tested to work, but in case you damage something, it's not our fault! (of course, we still try to help you solve the damage as good as possible!)

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By on  14 Oct. 2020 (GameBoy Color LCD-Mod incl. Glass Cover and USB Mod (McWill)) :

McWill GBC lcd mod

The new screen is awesome, the games look so bright and beautiful now. The delivery and packaging was perfect, the customer service couldnt be better. I will buy again. Thanks

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By on  19 Sept. 2019 (GameBoy Color LCD-Mod incl. Glass Cover and USB Mod (McWill)) :

Great product

Easy and fast to install.

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By on  29 Aug. 2019 (GameBoy Color LCD-Mod incl. Glass Cover and USB Mod (McWill)) :


Super Kit, einbau innerhalb von 5 Minuten erledigt wenn man bei normalen Batterien bleibt, für den, der wirklich viel damit spielen möchte ist jedoch der USB mod oder irgendeine Art von rechargearble GBC mod fast ein Muss.
Konnte jetzt keinen Vergleich mit anderen backlit GBC Kits machen da NIEMAND es hinbekommt diese irgendwann mal lagerhaltig zu haben.
Von daher, good Job und vielen Dank an McWill und Dragonbox

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