GPD XD / XD Plus Case Replacement
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GPD XD / XD Plus Case Replacement

We replace the full case of your GPD XD or XD Plus.

€37.82 (tax excl.)
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This is a full service for replacing the battery of your GPD XD / XD Plus with a new one.

The case is included in the price.

How does it work?

You place the order for the replacement.
Shortly after (usually within a day), you will receive an eMail with informations where you need to send your device.
You will have to send the device to us on your own - the shipping costs from our shop only include the costs for shipping it back to you.

Keep in mind that the device has a battery included - so make sure your delivery service does allow that.

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By on  12 Aug. 2020 (GPD XD / XD Plus Case Replacement) :

STAY AWAY! Waste of money - Device shipped back fully broken / crashes after repair!

Don't buy the repair services. Customer support was great until after spending $200 for international shipping via FedEx for repair and telling the seller Michael Mrozek about the shipping costs. I've spent nearly two weeks trying to set up the order for both the shell and battery replacement also costing an extra $80 total plus shipping fees.

After finally shipping and waiting nearly a whole week to get it back delivered home. I saw the box it came in look partially damaged from the outside, but inside seemed as if the game device was still intact and fine with brown wrapping and plastic covering. However, after using it for the next few days to play games on as I normally do, one day it suddenly wouldn't boot up my games.

So I tried again later on at night. Same issue except now my device completely hangs. It started to freeze and restart completely. I gave it a few more attempts, but needless to say, it was all the same results. While the shell and battery was replaced and fixed, I ended up with a worse off broken device that won't even boot any app right or else freezes while doing so. As a result, I ended up wasting $280 for nothing at a cost at which I could've instead brought a brand new one from the start.

I've been scammed out of my money and now Michael isn't responding to me nor anyone else from the support chat if there are any. STAY AWAY!!

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