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GPD Win Rev. 2 (Z8750, Plastic Lid, Windows 10 - 1909) - MegaPack

The GPD Win is a fully-fledged x86-handheld running the latest version of Windows 10!

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The GPD Win is a Windows10-Handheld with an x86-Processor. It's the first ever available Windows 10 Handheld made by GPD.

These devices were DOA and have been repaired by GPD. Basically, they're brand new :)
However, due to the repairs and shipping them back and forth to China, they might have some scratches in the plastic (nothing major though)

We replaced the old battery (that often died after a short usage) with a brand new one by a different manufacturer.
We also preinstalled the latest Windows 10 version (1909 - November Update), so it's up-to-date.

If the GPD Win 2 is too expensive for you and you don't need that much horsepower, then this is a very good alternative.

Included in this package is the carry case, an HDMI-Cable, two replacement rubber caps for the analog sticks as well as headphones.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What's the difference between the revisions?
A: The original revision features the Z8700 CPU, all later versions have the Z8750 built-in. There's not really that much difference between them though (Passmark: Z8700: 1890, Z8750: 1894).
The second revision uses the Z8750 CPU and the plastic is not as glossy. The third revision simply has an aluminium lid instead of a plastic one.

Q: Is it possible to install a different OS (i.e. Linux)?
A: Yes. Linux runs pretty well on this system. Of course we cannot guarantee that every distribution does run flawlessly, but the major ones should work fine.

Q: Is it possible to install a different Windows 10 version?
A: Yes. You can find the drivers for that here at the downloads.

Q: Can the memory or CPU be upgraded?
A: No, that's not possible. You can only increase the internal storage using a MicroSD-Card.

Q: Can the GPD Win play ALL Windows PC Games?
A: In theory, yes. However, RAM and Processor can cause issues. The processor is about as fast as a normal desktop PC from 2010. Many current Indie games and other not-processor-hungry games will work fine, but don't expect it to run more recent commercial games (like Witcher 3 or GTAV) in full speed!

Technical Details
Intel Atom Quad-Core Z8750
Intel HD Graphics
5.5 Inch
Display resolution
Display Type
RAM Size
3.5mm Headset
USB-A 3.0
Bluetooth 4.0
Wifi 2.4 GHz
Wifi 5GHz
Battery capacity
Special Features
Gaming Controls
155mm x 97mm x 22mm
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
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