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PocketGo Handheld

A small handheld powered by Linux, perfectly suited to emulate your favourite classic games!

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The BittBoy PocketGo is a neat small handheld, running Linux.
It can be seen as a successor to the GP2X, WIZ or GCW Zero handheld - the main menu it uses is gmenu2x. Fellow GP2X users will instantly recognize it!

The size is about the same as the GPD WIZ. It features a 2.4" screen with a 320x240 resolution.
It's fast enough for most classic consoles (8bit and 16bit) and even does a fairly good job at PS1 games.

The best thing is the low price tag though!

It's a perfect companion for some quick retro-games on-the-go.

Our PocketGo systems have the latest CFW installed which can also be downloaded from here:

It also has a selection of public domain games preinstalled.

Installing games is as easy as simply copying them onto a partition of the SD Card. With Windows 10 or Linux, this works out of the box.
For older Windows versions, please follow this guide:

Included in the package is:

* The handheld (of course)
* USB Cable
* 8GB MicroSD Card (with the OS preinstalled)
* Instruction Manual
* MicroSD Card Reader

Here is a quick Tutorial Video:

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Allwinner F1C100S
2.4 Inch
Display resolution
Battery capacity
Special Features
Gaming Controls
123mm x 56mm x 14mm
Operating System

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