GPD XD (Android)
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GPD XD Plus - Megapack! (Android 7 - Hexacore CPU)

An 5" 720p Android 7.0 clamshell handheld with a HexaCore CPU and gaming controls (the successor to the GPD XD)

€180.67 (tax excl.)
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Included in the MegaPack:

* GPD XD Plus with Power Supply
* Offical GPD Carry Case
* HDMI Cable

The GPD XD Plus is a revamped version of the GPD XD. It looks the same - but features a faster CPU, better Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1 as well as a new GPU with Vulkan-Support!

Thanks to the built-in gaming controls, you can play many games using a proper DPad, Facebuttons or analog controls, both emulated and original games.
Of course, you can also play touchscreen-based games.

And it has a standard 3,5mm headphone jack!

The Clamshell design is perfect for playing on-the-go and putting it back into your pockets, protecting the screen.

Using HDMI out, you can also play the games on your TV.
Built-in are 32GB of storage which can easily be expanded using a MicroSD card.

The Google Play Store does work fine on this device as well.

Please note: Our GPD XD Plus devices are being delivered with the S8LightROM ( preinstalled.

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Technical Details
Mediatek MT8176, Hexa Core
PowerVR GX6250 @ 600Mhz
Display resolution
Display Type
RAM Size
3.5mm Headset
USB-A 2.0
Bluetooth 4.1
Wifi 2.4 GHz
Wifi 5GHz
Special Features
Gaming Controls
155mm x 97mm x 22mm
Operating System
Android 7
By on  08 July 2019 (GPD XD Plus - Megapack! (Android 7 - Hexacore CPU)) :

Awesome product

I am really happy with my GPD XD Plus. And thankfully I decided to buy here over the official Aliexpress site.
If I would buy a newer product similar to this one, I would definitely buy it here.

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By on  06 June 2018 (GPD XD Plus - Megapack! (Android 7 - Hexacore CPU)) :

Amazing piece of gaming tech

So i finally got the GPD XD, let me tell you, once you set it up properly with all the right emulators, filters and roms.. its awesome! I have over 5,000 roms for mame4droid (all the street fighters etc.. basically everything you get on the pandora and more), snes, MD, ps1, dreamcast, n64, DOS games, Windows Adventure games, name it, all the way up to game cube. The quality of the device is excellent as well, excellent build quality, the buttons snd everything is solid and well built, no creaking or plastic noises here. The only thing i wish it has was backlight on the buttons to play at night and rumble :) It does take quite a bit of research and tweaking to get it all working 100% but once you do its pure magic and portable with an amazing battery. And if you want you can connect via hdmi to tv as well. Best purchase ive done in years.

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By on  12 Apr. 2018 (GPD XD Plus - Megapack! (Android 7 - Hexacore CPU)) :

La portable à posséder

C'est ma première console de cette marque et franchement je suis très surpris.
D'une qualité exceptionnelle, un design irréprochable et des finitions à faire pâlir Nintendo ou SONY. Cette GPD XD Plus est un petit bijou.

On sent bien la robustesse, la console fait son poids. Les plastiques sont très épais et ne craquent pas sous les doigts.
L'écran de 5" est de très bonne facture. Les couleurs sont éclatantes et sa taille suffi largement pour le retrogaming, mais aussi pour les jeux récents et permet de moins tirer sur la batterie avec sa résolution de 720p.
Le GPU (PowerVR) permet de jouer aux jeux les plus gourmands et les plus récents du Play Store.
La batterie "monstrueuse" de 6000mAh vous laissera un moment éloigné d'une prise secteur.

J'utilise ARC Browser comme Launcher par défaut et pour gérer tous mes jeux et émulateurs sous une seule interface (dommage qu'il n'y soit pas par défaut).
Je ne regrette pas du tout cet achat et je vous laisse la découvrir à votre tour. Bons jeux...

(Raph4, System PiXEL).

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