Wind and Water Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast)

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Re-Release of one of the best puzzle games for the DreamCast, finalist at the Independent Game Festival 2008.

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is a game from Yuan Works, with a beautiful 40-page booklet (English and Japanese), professionally produced Picture-CD in a sealed Jewelcase - for an awesome price!

The game received a lot of positive reviews. The story mode will keep you hooked for hours and is just plain fun!

The Higlights:

Story-Mode with tons of different Puzzle-Challenges and great story - about 20 hours of playing time alone!
Arcade, Puzzle, and VS-Mode (against local players or Computer-AI)
* Hand-pixeled graphics and animations with great music
* Various Mini-Games
* Many secred Levels.
* Background information about the characters and the game development can be achieved while playing
* 40-page booklet in English and Japanese with beatiful drawings
* Professionally creted Picture-CD with a white tray in a sealed Jewel-Case

The game is region free and should run on any DreamCast.
It's possible though that it doesn't run on some NTSC-J DreamCast models produced after the year of 2000.

More information about the game can be found on the official Website:

And here is an Unboxing Video of the new version, directly from the developer!

And in case you want to support YuanWorks with the development of their next game (Little Ninja), you can do that on Patreon:

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By on 02 June 2018 (Wind and Water Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast)) :

Worth attention game for Dreamcast's fans (even those who are not too fond on homebrew games)

I've got to admit, that I'm not one of those people who are excited about any homebrew game on DC in physical form. Fortunately, Wind and Water Puzzle Battles is some noble exception, with presented quality and game's content.

First of all - quality of graphics and sound - finally something on decent level, comparable with good 2D "retro" indie games on PC. Even animation (usually rather poor element of many homebrew games) is made really well. Only thing which I didn't like about aesthetics is using "super deformed" (big head, small body) style for presenting various in-game characters (ugh). I like the fact that we've got there rather common, but still entertaining type of game (so one of those "match 3" games with some additional mechanics), as well as decent amount of additional game modes (including multiplayer). It's a shame though, that producer didn't decide to include additional CD with PC version of the game (which was made e.g. in case of Hermes game).

Naturally, all "physical" elements, like instruction manual, CD with game and CD case are well made and will present really nice on your shelf. Just one warning though - if you're collecting DC games from US or EU region, you will notice that "box style" of this game is not referring to any of these formats (as presented on pictures on game's page). For me it's not a big deal, but I know that some people are paying attention to this aspect.

Really nice and positively surprising title, probably one of better made homebrew games for DC as well.

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By on 28 Sept. 2017 (Wind and Water Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast)) :


Nice service and delivery. My SEGA Dreamcast is happy :)

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By on 07 July 2017 (Wind and Water Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast)) :


Like the game idea!
Trying to make a friendly puzzle game with nice story!
Challenging, maybe sometimes to hard for starters! (Took me like 5 tries to beat the first battle)
Comes with nice manual! Nice funny minigames and good soundtrack!!
If puzzle is your thing, its a good game to have!
Too much story ( too much reading and can't skip) sometimes I get tired to press the skip and read the nonsense! "Common I want to play!"
Also needed a little more explenation on how the battles work (attack/defense) , wind water combos on Manual.

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