Wisdom Tree NES Collection (NES)

Wisdom Tree NES Collection (NES)

All NES Wisdom Tree games on one cartridge, region code free!

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Thanks to the Angry Video Game Nerd, Wisdom Tree Games are legendary!

If you always wanted to play them yourself - especially Bible Buffet with the printed Quiz book - then you can do so now!

The Wisdom Tree NES Collection includes the following games:

* Bible Adventures
* Spiritual Warfare
* Exodus
* Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
* Sunday Funday
* Bible Buffet
* King of Kings

Bible Adventures:

Spiritual Warfare:


Joshua and the Battle of Jericho:

Sunday Funday:

Bible Buffet:

King of Kings:

Included in the packaging:

* Cartridge for the NES, Regioncode free
* Manual for all games
* Quiz Book for Bible Buffet
* Full color packaging

This game may not work on Retron 5 or Retro Freak, or any emulator based consoles.

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