Super UWOL (NES)

Super UWOL (NES)

A game similar to Bubble Bobble, for one or two players (in co-op or competitive mode)

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Uwol enjoys a quiet retirement at his cozy house in the beach of Pepinoni (province of Badajoz), so he doesn’t realize that somebody has stolen all his money from the bank.

Luckily, his good ol’ friend Meemaid learned about the incident as she was using the ATM in the very moment the bank was being robbed.

That’s why they decide to head back over to the new and refurnished Storm Palace to regain the lost fortune. But it won’t be easy… the new basement is deep and full of dark corners. Besides, the intrincate disposition of rooms makes it easy to get lost and walk in circles. And that’s what happened: Uwol and Meemaid got lost and reached in the deepest side of the labyrinth – where Vampy, Franky, Fanty and Wolfy, plus the death murderer and the children’s favourite Cthulhy dwell. So you may guess it won’t be an easy task to escape with the money!

The goal is to connect coins in every level. Once a level is finished, you can choose which way to go next... so you've got a ton of levels to explore!

In Two-Player Co-Op mode, both players play at the same time and collect the coins together.
In Two-Player competetive mode, both players also play at the same time, but your goal is to collect more coins than the other one.

If a baddy touches you, you lose your shirt. The next time you collide with a baddy, you'll lose a life.
Thankfully there are replacement shirts you can collect.

When you need too long. Fanty will appear. Avoid it at all costs! In two player modes it will pursue the player who has collected the most coins.

The game runs on all NES consoles (PAL and NTSC), though you might need to change the region in case it doesn't work in your console.
To do that, press RESET a couple of times when the NES is switched on and the red light is blinking until the game is working fine.
The game remembers the setting, so you only need to do that once.

Comes on cartridge with an english and spanish manual and a nice packaging.

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