Metal Storm Collector's Edition (EU Version)

The original japanese version of the game (fully translated to englisch) in a beautiful collectors box.

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For the first time ever, the Japanese version of the classic NES​®​ game Metal Storm has been translated to English along with the white mech, cinematic introduction to the plot, and higher difficulty level options.

To commemorate this release, this Metal Storm Collector’s Edition includes:

* Transparent blue cartridge (exclusive for the EU version), region free
* Metal Storm 8-Bit Cartridge with dust cover compatible with original NES​ and most non-emulation based clone consoles
* Hard Embossed Collector’s Box to safely store all collectibles
* Collectible retail box to keep your cartridge in pristine condition
* Original Metal Storm Art Prints
* Exclusive Double Sided Poster
* Retro-Bit Limited Edition Enamel Pin
* Numbered Certificate of authenticity
* Full-color instruction manual with all information to enhance gameplay
* Collector’s figurine of M-308 Gunner

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By on  10 Oct. 2019 (Metal Storm Collector's Edition (EU Version)) :

an underrated masterpiece

we, european NES fans, should thank retro-bit, for giving us a licensed reissue of this underrated masterpiece, that was never released in pal regions....the game, quite sought after on ebay and co., is a platform/run'n gun, released in 1991 for the Famicom/NES by Irem of R-Type's quite standard, gameplay wise, except for the ability to reverse gravity (even in mid-air!)....this way, we can walk on the ceilings and solve mini are incredible with detailed sprites and some faux parallax scrolling in and effects are average....a very good game...this game was also on a cover of NINTENDO POWER....and i was searching for the Famicom version, before the retro-bit announcement :P the retro-bit reissue features the jap version translated in english (intro cutscene and dialogues that were absent in the USA release)...this collector is fabolous....with many goodies like an AF of the main character mecha, art prints, posters, pin, the boxed cart with manual... :)
review by fazares (go check my channel on youtube) :D

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