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  1. MartiusR
    MartiusR Member
    I've declared pre-order back then when it was available, and I remember that there was some description about how pre-order works. Unfortunatly, I admit that I'm not sure if I've "memorized" in 100% accurately all details, and since "pre-order product page" is no longer available, here is my question:

    1.When GPD Win 2 will be available to order, shall I simply "buy" it and use discount from preorder? I'm guessing that there is no risk that "normal buyers" will buy all handhelds available so fast that "pre-ordering" client couldn't buy his GPD Win 2, but on the other hand I'd like to be sure, how it works.

    By the way - I've noticed on Indiegogo (on GPD Win 2' website), that GPD is currently producing next "batch" of devices - are devices ordered by DragonBox currently "in transit", or you're still waiting for confirmation from GPD? I remember that back then when GPD Win 1 was available, GPD had some issues with providing devices for all orders and it required at least month before they've shipped many orders.

    Have hope that this time GPD won't make similar mistake like with first GPD Win (when they've made this "second iteration" a couple of months later) and GPD Win 2 will "instantly" have everything in order.
    MartiusR, 2018-06-06 21:26:04 +02:00
  2. EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Administrator Staff Member Ingolstadt
    According to GPD, the units for the distributors will be shipped out around June 20th, so yours is within that batch :)

    You will receive a voucher and more instructions how to buy it within the next few days :)
    EvilDragon, 2018-06-07 14:02:01 +02:00
  3. MartiusR
    MartiusR Member
    Nice, thanks for reply. I've read instruction, and to be honest - in this particular case I'm glad that we've got some delay, any repaired hardware malfunction/lack is definitelly a good reason to wait (especially in case of such complex device).
    MartiusR, 2018-06-13 12:18:10 +02:00
  4. MartiusR
    MartiusR Member
    Will there be some (additional) delay for preorders? I've noticed that on product's page there is mentioned that GPD Win 2 will be available in early July.
    MartiusR, 2018-06-28 11:39:58 +02:00
  5. EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Administrator Staff Member Ingolstadt
    No, they're all on stock now and ship right away.
    Just forgot to remove the July info from the page, as I wasn't in my office today and did everything from my mobile phone :)
    EvilDragon, 2018-06-28 19:00:06 +02:00
  6. MartiusR
    MartiusR Member
    Nice, thanks a lot for clarification :)
    MartiusR, 2018-06-29 23:45:58 +02:00
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