GPD Pocket TestDrive :)
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  1. the short story:
    l like the device..

    the long story is longer:
    :) things:
    -it really is very light..
    -very long battery life..
    -barely warm, but not hot..
    -the usb port is active when the computer is shut down, so l can use it as a power bank, to charge my phone..
    -the type-c is active, l can use 'otg' cable to fit a mouse or memory stick or even usb hub..
    -when windows is in stand by (sleep mode), both usb ports are active, so l can charge other devices..
    -the power button is right above the backspace button, but the click is different.. as the rest of the kbd is soft, the pwr button is harder to press, hard enough so l won't mistake it..

    :( parts:
    -fan is running when charging and even if the battery is charged, it still blows air.. that makes it possible for the fan to wear out much faster, so l can't put it to charge and go to work..
    -the answer from for this problem is: fast charging generates heat and the fan is doing the right thing..
    -l tried to charge with a standard usb to type c cable,  powered from my laptop and standard usb charger and fan still works, so the 'fast charge' answer might be wrong..
    -howeveaeaeaeaeaaeeaaeaer, when windows is in stand by (sleep) mode and charging, the fan is off no matter the battery level nor the charger l use..
    -if it`s set to go to standby when closing the lid, it should go when the lid is very close down, not like now, a little less than 90 degrees..
    -bios starts windows installation only if it smells w10x64..
    -keyboard is very difficult, the keys have some space between them and some keys are moved from the original location.. 'dot', 'coma' and 'slash' keys fit well together, 'a' and 'caps' the same, 'fn' and 'right ctrl' but all others have space between, a space that allows people with big fingers to type..
    -keyboa rd is not illuminated, and that makes it even more difficult to type in the darkness.. using ' or ; or -][ is very difficult without light..
    this problem can be solved with an external keyboard, as the device is equiped with the minimum requirements for high quality work
    -big issue with the sound..
    -if l play a movie, it works fine..
    -but when l play music, 
    if l connect active speaker
    and turn player volume and system volume to the maximum
    the sound starts 'blinking' in a funny way..
    -this don't happen from the first song, nor from the first second but it does later..
    -if l pause the song, a blinking sound remains, like a heart beat in movies..

    l tried different player and different version of windows, (the official w10x64 from and the one from and the problem is still there..
    -it works fine
    when playing videos and movies..
    or if l use external usb sound card

    -it blinks very rarely and only once, when l use headphones..

    -l got the xubuntu version, but l only try under windows.. 

    and l still like the machine :)

    ionut Teodorescu, 2018-05-10 22:01:11 +02:00
  2. EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Administrator Staff Member Ingolstadt
    Well, I can imagien that this is some software configuration bug where the maximum volume actually is set too high, so that the soundcard can't provide enough power.
    The volume should probably be limited.
    EvilDragon, 2018-05-14 01:21:05 +02:00
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