Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Atarimax

Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Atarimax

Run Atari 5200 games from SD Card on the original hardware

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The Ultimate SD is the most advanced cartridge ever produced for the Atari 5200 and includes a 50 MIPS onboard CPU, advanced upgradable hardware logic, 512KB of SRAM and 128KB of block flash.

Also included in the package is a 512MB SD Card with the OS preinstalled some bonus games!

Product Overview

* All standard 32K or less ROM images supported
* All bank-switched ROM images including Bounty Bob Strikes Back! supported
* MEGA-CART Bank-switched ROM images up to 512KB (M.U.L.E, etc) supported
* New modes including the Hybrid 512KB full Read/Write 8k/8k Bank-switching mode supported
* The bank switching logic, CPU firmware, boot flash and menu software are all 100% field upgradable by just placing new files on the SD card and turning on the system!


Technical Specs

* Onboard 50 MIPS CPU w/ High Speed SD Card Interface
* Advanced reprogrammable Bank Switching "Mapper" logic
* 512KB SRAM
* 128KB Block Flash Memory
* Status LED

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