RetroN2 HD Gaming Console for SNES / Super Famicom / NES
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RetroN2 HD Gaming Console for SNES / Super Famicom / NES

A cool clone console for classic Nintendo games an HDMI TVs.

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You're looking for a simply way to play SNES and NES games on modern flatscreen TVs with HDMI?
Then the RetroN2 HD is for you!

It also features analog video outputs in case you're planning to use it on a classic CRT TV (make sure it supports HDMI).

You can use original controllers, or the included ones (one for the SNES and one for the NES) and of course the Retro Receivers by 8bitdo.

The console has a high compatibility and a PAL / NTSC switch as well as a 16:9 / 4:3 - Aspect Ratio switch (in case you want to play in Fat-Mario mode...)

SNES Flashcarts (Everdrive, FXPak Pro) work fine as well - NES won't start though, unfortunately.

Power is being supplied via Micro-USB.

Important details:

* HD audio and video (720p)
* High compatibility for NTSC AND PAL SNES cartridges (via bottom case switch)
* Works with Everdrives (except for NES)
* High-Quality cartridge connectors
* 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio switch
* 1x Controller for NES and 1x Controller for SNES included
* 3 ft. (1m)  HDMI cable
* 6 ft. (2m)  Micro USB cable
* Also includes AV ports with AV cable 

Technical Details
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By on  27 Dec. 2020 (RetroN2 HD Gaming Console for SNES / Super Famicom / NES) :

Real fun console, but needs to be connected to newer TV or else the audio doesn't work.

With this console I'm able to play my original SNES cartridges in HD(ready, read 720p) which is real fun.

The color palette is quite accurate and also are the controllers, although the buttons of the controllers seem to have a little longer travel, but they work fine and are nice to use.

I compared this system with my original SNES and it compares great (until now I didn't play NES games so no judgement there).

Compared to emulation on Raspberry Pi (I Use RetroPie), the image quality of RetroPie is much better.

The only downside of the Hyperkin RetroN2 HD is => On my Philips "32PFL5322" there is no audio from the HDMI connection. On my Sony "KDL-32V2500" the audio only works after 15 minutes (the time the TV needs to lock on the audio channel??? Don't know why....) On any recent TV the audio works fine though. This audio issue is a bit of a bummer to me :-(

If you're looking for a HD(ready) NES/SNES console which can play original SNES/NES cartrigdes this is really an great device and in my opinion it's worth the money.

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