Colecovision USB Power Plug (will be released early 2018)

ColUSB - USB Power Supply for the Colecovision

Use a standard Micro-USB AC Adaptor with your Colecovision.

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The prototype has been tested with various Colecovision systems and accessories - it works fine without any issues on all of them.

The Colecovision was one of the best early consoles. It has tons of awesome games - and even these days, new ones are being released regularly!

However, a lot of the consoles do not work anymore.
Or, let us be a bit more precise: The power supply doesn't work anymore. As that is one of the most often reasons for a non-working Colecovision!

As the power supply is anything but standard, it's nigh impossible getting a replacement.

This is something we want to change!
That's why we developed this small USB plug.

With this you can use your Colecovision with a standard USB connector. Plug and Play!

We hope to resurrect a lot of Colecovisions with that!

If you buy 2 - 4 adapters, you'll receive a discount of 1,68 EUR (=2 EUR incl. VAT) each, 5 or more will give you a discount of 3,36 EUR (=4 EUR incl. VAT) each.

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By on 08 Oct. 2020 (ColUSB - USB Power Supply for the Colecovision) :


Excellent product, very fast shipping and a nice little box too.
Very recommended

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By on 16 Jan. 2020 (ColUSB - USB Power Supply for the Colecovision) :

Colect Power Adapter Is Fantastic

I still own 2 ColecoVisions & A Coleco Adam Computer. The Old Block Power Supply that Came With The ColecoVision When It Was Released Might Still Work BUT If it Doesn't This Is Your Coleco Savior. I Ordered Mine And Within 3 Weeks It Was At My Door. I Will Be A Customer Of Dragon Box Shop For A Long Long Time.

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By on 03 June 2019 (ColUSB - USB Power Supply for the Colecovision) :

My Colecovision has new life!

Not only did the USB power supply ship quickly, but it made a HUGE difference with video quality on my Coleco. I was thinking that the CV power brick was the problem, and now it's been solved. Couldn't be happier! I bought a gold-plated Cable Creation and power supply from Amazon from a suggestion on the AtariAge website in the forums.

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