8BitDo Zero 2 Mini-Bluetooth-Controller (Turquoise Edition)
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8BitDo Zero 2 Mini-Bluetooth-Controller (Turquoise Edition)

A tiny bluetooth gamepad compatible with Android, PCs, MacOS and the Nintendo Switch.

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8BitDo's smallest controller - but just as compatibel as the big ones!

It features an X-Input, D-Input, Switch- and Keyboard mode - and the firmware can be upgraded via USB.

This means: It's compatible with most bluetooth-compatible gaming systems out there as well as the Nintendo Switch.

It only weighs 20g but the battery offers up to 8 hours gaming time!

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By on  09 Aug. 2020 (8BitDo Zero 2 Mini-Bluetooth-Controller (Turquoise Edition)) :

Tiny but capable

This gamepad is very small, it's easy to fit into any pocket or just carry around in your bag. (Just be careful not to accidentally turn it on by pressing START.) It's half the size of a Post-It note, or the size of 2x4 keyboard keys.

It has all the buttons of an SNES controller. As usual for 8BitDo controllers, it supports Bluetooth (Xinput, Dinput/Android, Mac, Switch), as well as a wired USB mode (using mIcro USB). Unlike other 8BitDo controllers, it also includes a Bluetooth "Keyboard" mode. It's not terribly useful (it sends letters from 'e' to 'o').

Ergonomically, it feels different than most gamepads. If you are an adult, you can't hold it with the palm of your hands, you have to hold using the fingers. For most games, it's not bad, it's just different. However, you may find it a bit difficult if you have to use L and R very often.

- It's easy to accidentally turn it on.
- It's micro-USB instead of USB-C (likely because it's an older product).
- L and R are harder to press than the other buttons.

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