8bitdo M30 Bluetooth Gamepad (Black)

8bitdo M30 Bluetooth Gamepad (Black)

A fantastic gamepad based on the classic 6-button MegaDrive / Genesis.

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8bitdo controllers are now among the best controllers on the market - for a good reason.
Ideal for fans of the classic DPad who do not want to miss modern controls.

The M30 is the recreated version of the classic 6-button MegaDrive / Genesis controller!

* Compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android - and with the Retro Receivers.
* DPad, two shoulder buttons, six fire buttons, START, home and a special button
* Can be connected via Bluetooth or USB.
* Integrated optional autofire function
* Buttons can be directly remapped with the controller

Included in the package is the controller and a USB-C cable.

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By on 15 July 2020 (8bitdo M30 Bluetooth Gamepad (Black)) :

Great evolution of the Mega Drive controller

Although the shape is slightly different from the original Mega Drive controller, you can consider it an evolution of the original 6-button design. It feels like a Mega Drive controller.

The "MODE" button has been removed (or moved to under the START button, behaving as a "SELECT" button). In its place, it now contains L and R shoulder buttons. These changes make this gamepad a superset of both Mega Drive and SNES controllers, so it's a great device to play any kind of retro (8-bit/16-bit) game.

Like most 8BitDo controllers, this one supports both Bluetooth (X-input, DirectInput, Mac and Switch) and wired (USB-C cable).

Just note that a recent firmware version remapped the buttons in X-input mode to (in my opnion) a worse layout.

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