Retrode2 N64 Plugin  (without joypad connectors)
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Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)

This plug-in adapter offers support for N64 cartridges.

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You need the Retrode to use it.

This plugin adds N64 cartridge support to the Retrode/Retrode2.
This version does NOT have the controller ports installed - you can add them yourself, if you want to.

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By on  18 Apr. 2016 (Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)) :

Remember the voltage switch

Cartridge reading works fine, but remember to switch the internal voltage switch inside the Retrode from 5v to 3.3v when using this adapter. (Mine didn't come with instructions and I couldn't get proper cart reads until looking up this issue.)

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By on  26 Jan. 2016 (Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)) :

Very impressed

I love it. the n64 plug-in works flawlessly with the retrode 2 and I received my order in a timely manner. On a side note it was cool to get newspaper from another country as the packing material :)

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By on  15 Aug. 2015 (Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)) :

Great but build is questionable

The part where you plug in the game is not really sturdy. It bends back and fourth really easy and seems like it could break with little to no effort. However it does work just fine. I bought this to play my N64 collection on my Shield TV in Mupen64. Just make sure you clean the crap out of your games or it won't see the rom file. I had to use brass polish and alcohol. The controller had to be mapped in Mupen64 but it worked great in game but if using the Shield TV keep the Shield controller nearby. Also you will need root and Stickmount or it won't read the games. I was able to back up all my roms and put them on my sd cards for my Shield portable and tablet for on the go use. So far the plugin works great it's just the build quality that scares me.

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