Retrode2 N64 Plugin  (without joypad connectors)
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Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)

This plug-in adapter offers support for N64 cartridges.

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You need the Retrode to use it.

This plugin adds N64 cartridge support to the Retrode/Retrode2.
This version does NOT have the controller ports installed - you can add them yourself, if you want to.

Technical Details
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By on  14 July 2020 (Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)) :

Dumped all my games perfectly

Does exactly what it says on the box. I was a bit scared at first of damaging the cartridges because it does feel it needs slightly more force to plug a cartridge into this plugin than I would've liked. Be careful to not apply too much force though! Also, make sure to switch your Retrode 2 voltage to 3.3V. This is in the Retrode 2 manual, but easy to forget (they should've put it on this plugin IMHO)

On a side-note: Nintendo 64 emulation on ARM isn't quite perfect yet. Most games will run fine, but some (like Rayman 2) will not be playable due to emulation bugs. That is not an issue with this plugin, but something to keep in mind if you intend on buying this to play your N64 games on the go on a powerful enough device like the Odroid Go Advance.

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By Randy M. on  06 Jan. 2017 (Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)) :


It works great, thanks!

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By Ari S. on  16 Dec. 2016 (Retrode2 N64 Plugin (without joypad connectors)) :

It works

I bought this quite a while ago (I believe it's been years) and only got to use it recently. When used with a Retrode 2, it works as advertised. It correctly backups the games off N64 cartridges (as long as the contacts are clean) and allows the use of two N64 controllers on your computer. Nothing to complain about either function.

However, there is one thing this device lacks: savegame backup. I believe this is technically possible, but would require Retrode 2 firmware support which isn't there (yet?).

The physical construction seems to be solid, but I still take great care not to accidentally hit the plugin+game combination so as not to break the connector.

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