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Sony PVM-14L4 Monitor

One of the best 14" monitors available out there with nicely illuminated buttons.

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Please note: Due to the high weight of the monitor, shipping is only possible within Germany and to some areas of Europe.

The Sony PVM-14L4 is a compact professional monitor and was widely used in broadcast facilities and TV stations.
One thing that's especially nice about the PVM-14L4 are the illuminated buttons that surround the screen.

It features Composite, SVHS, RGB, YUV and SDI video inputs.
Thanks to an 800 lines-tube, the picture quality (especially with RGB) is totally awesome!

With a 14" image size, it's perfectly suited to be used in a small gaming room (on a desk).
Please note: As they're professional monitors, they don't have a SCART input, only BNC. Adaptors are available though, and you can also build your own cable.

The monitors we're offering are pre-owned. Technically, they're fine. We tested the image quality and made sure the convergence and everything else is correct. There's no burnt-in picture and no scratch on the video tube.

Of course, as they've pre-owned, there WILL be scratches and dirt on the device itself, but nothing that decreases the image quality.
And we're even giving you a 1-year warranty on the functionality of the monitor!

The features:

* CRT type : 14-inch HR Trinitron
* AG pitch : 0.25 mm
* Phosphor : EBU
* Effective picture size (4:3) : 267.5 (W) x 200.6 (H) mm, 331.6 (Diagonal) mm
* Effective picture size (16:9) : 267.5 (W) x 150.5 (H) mm, 306.9 (Diagonal) mm
* Resolution (4:3/16:9) : 800 TV lines (4:3)/600 TV lines (16:9)
* Color system : PAL,SECAM,NTSC,NTSC 4.43
* Aperture correction : OFF: 0 dB, ON: 2 to 6 dB
* Frequency response : LINE: 10.0 MHz +0 dB/-3 dB, Y signal only, RGB: 10.0 MHz +0 dB/-3 dB
* Synchronization : AFC time constant 1.0 ms
* Scanning frequency : 15.734 kHz (NTSC, NTSC 4.43), 15.625 kHz (PAL, SECAM)
* Normal scan : 7% overscan
* Underscan : 5% underscan
* Power consumption: approx 90 W
* Dimensions (W x H x D) : approx. 346 x 280 x 424 mm
* Weight : approx. 17 kg
* Technically checked and working
* 1 year warranty from us!

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