GPD XD Plus Reservation (with 20 EUR discount!)

This is a free reservation for a GPD XD Plus - with a 20 EUR discount. This ensures you'll get your unit as soon as it is released!

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The new GPD XD Plus will be released around mid-March. You want to get it from the first batch we receive?
That's no problem - if you use our free reservation! And you'll even get a 20 EUR discount for doing that!
Please note: The reservation is binding. You can always cancel it for free until February 28th, but after that, you are bound to buy the device when it arrives.

Please note: The "Calculate Delivery Cost"-Function does not work properly on this page. It shows the shipping costs for the reservation - and as that one is free, it shows free shipping. To see the CORRECT shipping costs for the delivery of the GPD XD Plus, please use the function on the product page here!

How does it work?

That's simple: 

1. You "order" the reservation here in the shop like a normal product. It's totally free, you don't have to pay anything! The reservation is only possible until the 28th of February.

2. You'll receive your 20 EUR discount code early March (that's 15 EUR without VAT)

3. As soon as the GPD XD Plus is in stock, you'll receive an email and can order the GPD XD Plus right away. That's it!

4. The reservation will be valid until March 10th. If you haven't ordered it until then, your unit will be normally sold and you'll lose the discount.

Our Standard price of the GPD XD Plus incl. the mega set (see below) is 225 EUR (incl. VAT) or 189 EUR (without VAT).

You will be able to buy it for 205 EUR (incl. VAT) which is 172 EUR (without VAT).
Shipment price will come on top.

Note about the VAT: All customers living INSIDE the EU have to pay the price incl. VAT, all other customers the one without.

What's included in the order? What will I receive in the end?

1. The brand new GPD XD Plus with Android 7
2. The official GPD Carry Case
3. A Mini-HDMI Cable
4. Headphones
5. Two replacement rubber caps for the analog controller
6. A display protection foil

More information about the GPD XD Plus itself can be found on this product page.

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