GPD Pocket Mini Netbook (Win 10 Version) - Mega Set

A fast, sleek and pocketable Mini-PC, preinstalled with Windows 10.

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System GPD Pocket
System Type Handheld
Size 128GB
Video-Format HDMI

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This set contains the GPD Pocket, a USB 2.0 Hub with multiple built-in SD-Card-Reader,  a leather pouch (brown), a MicroHDMI cable and two replacement caps for the mouse nub.

Do you remember the first eeePC?

Back then, it was a really small but decently powered netbook. While the size is still nice - the lack of power isn't.

Meet the GPD Pocket: It's as big as a 7" tablet, but it's a fully fledged portable PC with keyboard and a standard x86-CPU

It's a perfect system to do some office work on the go, surf the net, code a bit, watch videos... or whatever it is you're using your PC for.

It doesn't have a touchpad but it features a small trackpoint. And the LCD is a Multi-Touchscreen.
And of course you can also connect a keyboard, mouse or joypad via Bluetooth or USB.

And using the HDMI port, you can quickly connect it to a big screen.

Technical details:

Display:  7" IPS Multi Touch, Resolution: 1920 x 1200 Pixel, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
CPU:  Intel Atom x7-Z8750 Quad Core with 1.6GHz (Burst: 2.56Ghz)
GPU:  Intel HD Graphics 405, 200MHz (Burst: 600MHz)
Audio:  Realtek ALC5645 with build-in Stereo speakers and microphone
RAM:  8GB LPDDR3-1600
Connections:  1x USB Type-C 3.0, 1x USB Type-A 3.0, 1x MicroHDMI, 1x 3,5mm headphones
Internal storage:  128GB eMMc
Battery:  7000mAh, about 12 hours battery time (depending on use case)
Input device:  QWERTY-Keyboard, Trackpoint, Multi-Touch-Screen
Connectivity:  Dual-Band Wlan, Bluetooth 4.1
OS:  Windows 10 Home
Measurements:  180mm x 106mm x 18.5mm
Weight:  480 Gramm

Questions and Answers

Q: How powerful is it?
A: It's a processor made for mobile devices. So don't expect it to handle everything your brand new PC at home can do. But it's definitely not slow. It's more than enough power for most applications and even Skyrim or Civilization 4 work fine on the GPD Win, and that one uses the same CPU. But don't expect to run demanding games like GTA V without stuttering!

Q: Is it possible to install a different Windows?
A: Yes and no. You can install a different Windows 10 version. But you can't install previous versions of Windows, as these are not supported by the CPU.

Q: Where is it shipped from?
A: We're shipping directly form our store in Germany. So if you're living in the EU, there won't be any additional hidden costs and no customs!

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    By (Newmarket, Canada) on  05 Aug. 2017 (GPD Pocket Mini Netbook (Win 10 Version) - Mega Set) :

    Nice device, although the keyboard is a bit of a pain

    I received this product on Friday, August 4th in Canada. The duties, for any Canadians wondering, was $91.67. That might be off by a few cents as I wrote it down at work and didn't bring that home.

    The feel of the entire physical product is very nice. The aluminum seems to pick up fingerprints, but it otherwise looks nice and feels solid. The keyboard, aside from layout, doesn't feel cheap or like the keys are about to break, and the screen seems enjoyable to use. There is no screen protector as far as I can see. I'll have to cut one out of a large matte protector I have.

    Wifi on my unit seems to work well, although I haven't given it any speed tests, and it was able to connect to my router via ac and n antennas. I haven't tried bluetooth yet.

    I have only tried the USB C port so far, and only for charging. The unit comes with a plug (US-style for me, but I'm in Canada) which has a USB C connector because the cord that comes with it is USB C on both ends. While using it at home I used a different cord and charger and found that even plugged in the device was slowly losing power. This was with minimal brightness and bluetooth turned off but wifi actively downloading.

    If I could I would give this product a 4.5 simply because the keyboard is a bit difficult to use. If you go slow and keep your eyes on the keyboard at first you'll be able to type, but when you need to type numbers or symbols you'll probably get tripped up at first. Typing a period, for instance, means hitting a key that is half the size of the regular size keys and is sandwiched between two other keys. There's only a millimeter's space between the keys so there's not really any tactile cue to tell you if you've got the right key under your finger. Number keys will always be one to the right of where you expect them, and function keys require using the fn key so they are awkward to use. I'll have to get used to using the keyboard, but maybe it'll be better if I treat it as a thumb keyboard instead.

    The trackpoint at the bottom of the keyboard is alright, albeit a little sluggish. You can adjust sensitivity or just learn to press harder to make it go faster. The entire keyboard, including trackpoint and mouse buttons, is recessed a bit so that they don't touch the screen. This means there's a lip right beneath the two mouse keys. I find this gets a little in the way of using the mouse buttons, and I wish they had removed the lip for that portion.

    The device installs a few security updates after running windows update, and I found that the wifi and graphics drivers both found updates when I clicked on 'update driver' for those.

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