Retro-Bit Generations

A small plug and play console with more than 100 originally licensed retro games preinstalled.

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System Retro-Bit Gen.
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The Retro-Bit Generations was meant to be a serious competition to the NES Classic Mini. With more games for various systems, includind some Arcade titles!

The Features:

* Very compact console, Plug and Play
* Two MegaDrive-Stye controllers included. They're USB, so they can also be used with any PC!
* HDMI and analog video output
* More than 100 original licensed games included!
* SD-Card slot to save your game - or load your own ROMs!

Some of the included games really are classic ones!
Commando, Ghouls'n' Ghosts, Kickle Cubicle, SonSon, 1942, Kid Niki, etc.

The problem is: Some games aren't working that well. Some have speed issues, one vertical shooter is being played horizontally...
Therefore, there are a lot of bad reviews out there.
And even though the included game controllers are normal USB which work on any PC - it doesn't work the other way round: You can't use your own game controllers on the Retro-Bit.

So yeah... it's far from being perfect... but I think it's still worth the price.

Why are we even selling it?

There are various reasons for that!

1. Most of the games are very playable. And there are quite a few great ones on there well worth the price.

2. We've always been fans of LEGALLY played Retro-Games. And even though not everything is perfect here, the games are legally licensed, and this is something we want to support. And the price for the games AND the hardware is okay.

3. You can also play your own ROMs (dumped yourself for example with the Retrode2) off an SD Card. This means you have a perfectly small portable console with your favourite games and HDMI / analog video output.

4. There's no need to install anything to use the console - just plug it in and play!

5. You will also get two Joypads which you can use on your PC. They're pretty similar to original MegaDrive-Pads..

What systems can you run off SD Card?

In theory, NES, SNES, MegaDrive, CPS1, CPS2, GB, GBC and GBA-games can be played.

However, SNES and MegaDrive games are almost unplayable - the emulation really is horrible.
NES works great except for some sound issues.

GB, GBC, GBA and CPS1 work really well though, and some CPS2 games do as well (but it can't run ROMs bigger than 10GB)

How do you load games off the SD Card?

That's actually pretty simple. You only need a normal SD Card (up to 32GB).
You need to copy a file called "key.bin" into the root directory of that card (you can grab it in the Download-Area).

Apart from that, you can setup the SD Card however you like. Create directories or subdirectories and name them as you like.

Copy the ROMs unpacked (except for CPS1/CPS2-ROMs, keep these zipped) into these directories.

The ROMs need to be in the following format:

NES: .nes
SNES: .sfc
MegaDrive: .md
GBA: .gba
GB/GBC: .gb/.gbc
CPS1: .zip
CPS2: .zip

When the SD Card is inserted, press B when you're in the menu and navigate to the SD Card from there to load the games.

Which games are legally included on the system?

* 1942
* 1943
* 2048
* 10 Yard Fight
* Aguna
* Apocalypse II
* Argus
* Astrohawk
* Astyanax (Lord of King)
* Avenging Spirit
* Banishing Racer
* Bases Loaded
* Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher
* Battle Squadron
* Battle Unit Zeoth
* Big Run
* Bionic Commando
* The Black Bass
* The Blue Marlin
* Brawl Brothers
* Broken Circle
* Captain Commando
* City Connection
* Commando
* Corn Buster
* Creepy Bird
* Escape from Atlantis
* ExedExes
* Exerion
* Field Combat
* Forgotten Worlds
* Formation Z
* Fortified Zone
* Free Fall
* Ghosts n’ Goblins
* Gun Smoke
* Hammerin Harry
* Hero Pinball Party
* Higemaru
* Holy Diver
* Hoops
* The Ignition Factor
* Ikari No Yousai 2
* Image Fight
* Jim Power
* Kaitetsu Yanchamaru 3
* Kickle Cubicle
* Kid Niki Radical Ninja
* Knights of the Round
* Kung Fu
* Kung Fu Master
* Lan Master
* Lawn Mower
* Legend E
* Major Title Golf
* Maru’s Mission
* Mazezam
* Mercs
* Mr. Bloopy
* Night Defender
* Night Defender 2
* Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun
* Ninja JaJaMaru no Daibouken (Ninja Kid’s Big Adventure)
* Onslaught
* Operation Logic Bomb
* The Peace Keepers
* Pinball Quest
* Questforge
* R Type 3
* Ring King
* Rival Turf
* Rockfall
* Rocky Rodent
* Rod Land (Game Boy and NES versions)
* Skip And Friends
* Smart Mouse
* Soldam
* SonSon
* Sumo Slam
* Super Bases Loaded
* Super Bases Loaded 3
* Super Earth Defense Force
* Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts
* Super Noah’s Ark
* Super Professional Baseball
* Super R-Type
* Sword of Sodan
* Thor’s Quest
* Totally Rad
* Tuff E Nuff
* Varth: Operation Thunderstorm
* Water Margin
* Yang Warrior Family
* Youkai Kurabu
* Zippy Race
* Zooming Secretary

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