It's just as big as a Nintendo DS - and therefore a lot smaller than a Netbook. But it's basically a complete pocketable Mini-Linux-PC - including perfect gaming controls. You can use it for emulation (PlayStation, Amiga, C64, SNES, PC, etc.), Linux Games, Android Apps or to run a full Linux distribution on it. Everything is possible. Without hacking or rooting - as the Pandora is already completely open.

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  • Pandoras with small...

    Here you can buy Pandoras with small defects for a cheaper price.

    They ALL have a carry case, TV Out Cable, AC Adaptor and the XStylus included.

    They can be ordered with or without battery (as shipping outside of Germany is very expensive if batteries are included in the package).

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    Your Pandora needs repairs, but warranty is already over?

    Don't worry, we still offer service!

    Put all repairs you need in your cart and ship your Pandora to us!